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Kris Warshefski

Kris has been working on the technology behind Our Storyscape since 2010. Initially used for Voces Digital, and now for Our Storyscape, this digital platform has evolved thanks to continuous feedback from teachers and students using it.

Erin Almeranti

As the curriculum director and general manager, Erin works closely with the curriculum managers, the marketing team, language teachers, and other creative people around the world. With a background in English, creative writing, and cultural anthropology, as well as experience teaching at all levels, Erin is able to orchestrate projects, connect people, and communicate clearly to achieve new, cool things.

Hannah Meinecke

As the Curriculum Manager for Our Storyscape, Hannah is excited to work with native speakers and teachers to bring the curriculum to life. Being fluent in French has also provided Hannah with some unique experiences that have helped her understand the needs of language teachers.

Lorena Gisela Ojeda

As the Director of Sales for Latin America, Lorena is excited to connect with EFL teachers who want to bring new and unique experiences to their students by incorporating Our Storyscape into their classrooms. She holds two Bachelors, one in English Teaching and another in English with a major in Literature and Linguistics. She also holds a TESOL certificate. Her vast teaching experience in Argentina and in the USA has allowed her to understand the needs of EFL teachers in terms of creative content and activities for 21st-century students.

Neall Gleason

Neall is one of the developers for Our Storyscape. He works on ensuring everything runs smoothly, hunting down and recreating any errors brought to our attention. He also spends time working on new features to implement, and meeting with teachers for walkthroughs or tech support calls.

Rebecca Tompsett

Rebecca Tompsett has been a high school teacher of EFL and Spanish for over 20 years. She has taught EFL in Venezuela, and Spanish in her home country Trinidad and Tobago, at the International School of Port of Spain. She loves to engage students with culture - be it from her travels and studies around Latin America and Spain or from her native Caribbean islands. Rebecca has received a new language teaching “lease on life” from learning about Comprehensible Input and putting it into action in her high school Spanish classes. Using Voces’ Nuestra historia was a huge part of that. She is really excited to be working on Our Storyscape as the lead content writer.

Lauren Gurteen Cecilia

Lauren was asked to join the team to write the stories for our curricula in 2021 after her newest ebook for English learners caught our eye! Drawing on her experience as a teacher, she plans and drafts each story she writes carefully to incorporate level-specific vocabulary and grammar – all whilst trying to maintain a sense of creativity and fun in her words. Lauren has worked in the EFL and EAP fields for over ten years in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Prior to this, she also worked for companies such as HarperCollins and the BBC. She has a masters in TESOL and she is currently just finishing her DELTA qualification.

Brian Wasik

Brian Wasik is a current English Foreign Language Teacher in Spain and contributor for the Our Storyscape series. He has utilized Comprehensible Input in the past for his Spanish classes in the US and is always looking for innovative ways to incorporate it in his praxis. He is most interested in putting students first in the foreign language classroom and allowing them the feeling of ownership of their education. He also loves tapping into his personal experiences to include authentic cultural aspects in the foreign language classroom. Outside of teaching and designing curriculum, Brian loves to travel, play piano, learn Italian, and explore new parts of Madrid!

Silvia Tucci

Silvia Tucci is a Spanish teacher in high school for levels 1, 2, and 3 in Texas who has always been passionate about languages. Originally from Italy, she previously taught Italian and French in Virginia and Maryland. Over the past 4 years, she discovered and implemented comprehensible input methodology in her classroom and she enjoys keeping her students engaged with content that is most relevant to them.

In the last 5 years, she has been teaching and assisting ESL students in her school. She enjoys using stories, cultural content, and authentic resources to enhance the learning experience of her students. In her work with Voces Digital, she has made contributions to Our Storyscape and to Nostra Storia 1.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, spending time with her children, and exploring Texas in a camper van.

Cody WalkerHolmes

Cody WalkerHolmes was born with a pen in her hand, a book in her crib, and a love for all things people related. She has truly been a teacher her entire life! From swimming lessons and classes related to benefits and travel for a global company, to Spanish, English for Language Learners, to possibly her favorite, a globally focused Cultures class. This class creates a safe place to explore the world, the community, and everything in between and provides students the opportunity to create their own opinions, obtain facts, and ask lots and lots of questions.

In her free time she enjoys traveling, fishing, going on mission trips, reading, swimming, participating in Kiwanis events, helping others, and may even consider herself a pickleball beast (in her own head at least). She enjoys spending time with her two amazing and talented daughters (Isabel and Julia), her fabulous and musically inclined husband Jeff, her independent and ornery mom Ronda, and a wonderful pup (that adores her most) named Chief. Originally from Vinton, Iowa, she now lives in the Kansas City suburb of Kearney, Missouri.

In addition to writing two stories for Our Storyscape level A2, "Label Maker to the Rescue" and "Beetle Battle," she contributed to the writing of comprehension activities, authentic materials, and much more to the curriculum, and is always ready for a new challenge when it comes to writing content.
Our Storyscape is a truly comprehensive digital curriculum that will enhance your EFL classes through creative storytelling methods and introduce your students to different cultures of the English-speaking world.
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